Saturday, April 14, 2018

Dating -Overrated or I just draw in the crazies

So let me tell you about the "men" I've met so far.

Number 1:  Before going on a date I ask to meet for breakfast.  So we order, cashier gives the total and this guy makes no move towards his pocket.  OK....So I pay, wasn't that much.  I ask him a few leading questions to get him talking.  Whew, once he started talking he couldn't shut up, and this is stuff you wouldn't tell people on a date much less first time meeting them over breakfast.

Convicted felon for dealing drugs, and not Mary Jane.  Been under FBI investigation and raided by the ATF.  Being the woman I am I just picked up my purse and walked right out.

Number 2:  Gorgeous, blue eyes, sweet, polite. Always made me feel good because it was always Hello Beautiful.  Two dates in and his mom passed away.  I can understand but he goes into a tail spin.  Says when he pulls out he would like to see me again.

Number 3:  Guy already had me married up, sell my place move to his, I wouldn't have to work just be there for him after work.  I asked him if he had any guy friends that he did guy things with.  You know guy nights, poker, golf etc.  Nope, he doesn't need any of that just a good woman.  OK started already getting the smothering type vibe.  Been there and damn sure didn't want to go there again.  The kicker was though he really likes the things that happen in the Fifty Shades of Grey movies.  Said he would love to be that guy and thought I would make a great submissive.  I burst out laughing because anyone who knows me knows that I don't do submissive.

Revisit Number 2:  He's feeling better, not so depressed now.  But he's a roller coaster ride up and down.  Made a date, I look damn fine, off the shoulder sweater, black leather boots up to my knees.  Makeup is perfect.  Didn't show up.  Text later it's a misunderstanding.  Oh but he's back to being depressed and numb and not feeling anything for anyone or himself.  So I hit him with tough love, told him to go back to dating strippers or waitresses or whatever he was used to you because I don't play that crap.  I go to the trouble of looking smoking hot and you stand me up!  And I told him if he was that damn depressed to get off his ass and do something about it.  Get on some meds, see a therapist but stop wallowing in self pity.

So dating sucks.  At my age there's going to be baggage. Hell I got my own suitcase of crap I carry around.  But I'm OK, making it fine on my own.  I guess if love finds me it will be I fall off a curb and the dude that almost runs me over or if I'm lucky the beefy firefighter that comes to check my injuries will be how it happens.  Meaning it will happen when it's supposed to and how it's supposed to.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Blame It All On My Roots

So my ex tells me today that he got suspended from work for fighting.  Then he goes back today and gets into it and gets fired.  Of course this is all my fault.  I’m his anchor.   He doesn’t even understand when I tell him that this is why we got divorced in the first place.  I can’t be your everything, that’s too much pressure to put on anyone.

He’s begging me to take him back.  I don’t want to...Is that selfish of me?  I want to go live a happy life and he has always felt like a stone around my neck holding me back.  It’s not my fault his mom raised him to be weak.

I just don’t know what to do.  I alternate between despair and trying to stay upbeat.  I work in the yard until I’m exhausted. But hey lost 10 pounds this week so something good is happening.

But I do know that I continue marching forward because that’s all I can do.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Lazy days or just lazy

So is it too much to ask your kid to get off his ass and bring you a spade while you burn stuff so you don’t catch the neighborhood on fire?  Apparently it is.  It’s my fault, I have done everything for this family. Tried to move us to a nicer home and neighborhood so we don’t have gunshots going off every night.

It’s my own fault I know!  But I’m tired of it. The little prince in the family won’t bathe his own damn dogs etc.  I’m about to kick him out as well.

And I will be starting a new category of the trials of dating in this age.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Where is KB

So a lot of people wonder where I’ve disappeared to.  Let’s just say I’m going through a second bad breakup.   My ex won’t give up.  He stalks me.  If it’s not spying on me from the neighbors it’s stalking me online.   I find dating tedious.  It’s like I have to shave my legs every day just in anticipation of maybe having a connection and showing some flesh.

Yeah this blog is far from how I want it setup but it will get there.  I just threw this up as a landing page.

So if you got an invite to this blog I expect your trust and that you won’t give it out to the stalker.
I’ll have plenty more to say because a lot is pent up in me.  But for now this is my home and where you get to see what’s going on with me.



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